The Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea boot, originally known as the Patent Elastic Ankle Boot, was designed by J.Sparkes-Hall (boot marker for Queen Victoria) well over 200 years ago.

I’m always fascinating to learn new things about the world of fashion. Some call me a fashionista and I believe I’m a little bit of an expert in my own right, I’m constantly learning new things along the way.


In 1939, an American inventor by the name of Charles Goodyear and a British engineer named Thomas Hancock both claimed to have developed the process to vulcanize rubber. Both of these men had their patents secured in 1944. My reason for mentioning these two inventors is because had it not been for their discoveries we may not have what today is called the Chelsea boot. This unique design is what led to J. Sparkes-Hall creating the elastic side for this style of ankle boot.

These were initially created for both men and women to use for daily walking. The style remained a staple until 1918 when WWI ended. In the 1950s, a social activist group known as ‘Chelsea Set’ began touring in West London. The media, after following (i.e following like social media following) these individuals, termed the name ‘Chelsea’ as a way of referring to one’s living and dressing style. The groups popularity and favor of this must-have is what led to it being called the Chelsea boot.


Aren’t you sometimes blown away by history, especially considering how long the Chelsea boot has been around? Think about it… could you really imagine this silhouette without elastic sides and/or a rubber sole. I know I can’t!

The Chelsea boot is a favorite staple and has quickly became a go-to in my wardrobe. After discovering that this silhouette can be made for women based off of a man’s design means that I don’t have to worry about my boots looking too feminine. In fact, they often get mistaken for men’s boots. Whether worn casually with jeans or smartened up with a suit, the Chelsea boot is a must have in everyone’s wardrobe.

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Photographed by Kevin Tun

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