January Sprezzabox :

(Danielle’s Version) – Tie (Bedford &Broome) • Tip Clip (Gents Mode) • Socks (Richer Poorer) • Cleanse (EVOLUTIONMAN)

(Sara’s Version) – Tie (DIBI Ties) • Tip Clip (Gents Mode) • Socks (Richer Poorer) • Cleanse (EVOLUTIONMAN)

We are at it again!!! Here is Part I of January’s Sprezzabox. That’s right Sara and I have more styles coming your way, so stay tuned!!

If you haven’t done so yet, we need you guys to head over to Sprezzabox and #getdapper! I mean really, who could resist a $28/month deal that gets you 4-5 different items every month. It’s a new year, so make a change and sign up today!!!

P.S. – Ladies V-Day is right around the corner, so if you are thinking of that perfect gift – this is it!

Happy shopping!