How I Stay Lean & Fit

Hey all,

I’ve been receiving a lot of feedback and comments about what I eat, my metabolism, and also my build. I thought, why not help educate others on what I’ve learned to stay fit and healthy while keeping a lean build.

I was a basketball player for 20 years and never really had to worry about what I ate because of how active I was. As my level of play has decreased, fat “in my eyes” began to appear in places that it hadn’t been in the past. I was always one to joke about New Year Resolutions, but this year mine was to get lean and in shape!

Here are 10 things that have helped me in my journey of keeping lean muscle:

1) Only YOU know your body.

2) You are what you eat! 80% of your body is what you consume.

3) Drink LOTS of water. The more I work out, the more I drink. Keeps me from being dehydrated and hungry.

4) Consume 2+ cups of greens a day. Kale has become a daily ingredient in my 2 a-day protein shakes. It is great source of vitamins, minerals and tons of nutrients that our bodies need.

5) Eat every 2-3 hours. I have a high metabolism causing food to burn off quickly. (This depends on your body type and what you are looking to gain or lose)

6) Eat and/or snack before and after the gym.

7) Dedicate 3-5 days in the gym, cardio free.  I dedicate a handful of days to either targeting certain muscles and high intensity workouts. I only spend 45 mins to an hour in the gym.

8) Rest. I learned the hard way, after catching bronchitis and walking pneumonia this past holiday. I learned that rest is essential and that I need 8 hours minimum to function properly.

9) Stretch daily and if you don’t have one, invest in a foam roller. It helps to heal/work what stretching cannot.

10) Don’t be afraid to live your life. Do not count every calorie, sugar or fat because we all deserve a cheat day or two. Just be mindful.

I hope this helps those who have asked questions. Please feel free to reach out anytime.