5 White Sneakers Under $100

Damnnn Daniel, back at it again with the white…..

We all know the slogan well, but it isn’t just white Vans. White sneakers have become a staple piece in fashion in the last year. Classics like Converse All-Stars and Jack Purchell’s have always been universal silhouettes, but once Adidas re-opened the classic vault with the Stan Smith and Superstars everything changed! To continue with the trend, and more importantly get ready for Spring/Summer, here are my Top Five white sneakers that I constantly rotate and how I rock them.

Check it out:

1) Adidas Stan Smith: $65 (Kids) || $75 (Women’s) || $75 (Men’s)

Favorite combos: Leather JacketBlack shirt, and (Men’s) || (Women’s) Black Ripped Knee Jeans OR Denim Jacket or Shirt and Trousers or Jeans

2) Vans Authentic: $45 (Men/Women)

Favorite combos: Leather JacketGrey Elongated Shirt, and (Men’s) || (Women’s) Distressed Jeans OR T-Shirt and Drop Crotch Sweats

3) Converse Chuck Taylor All-Star $55 (Men/Women)

Favorite combo: Oversized CardiganElongated Shirt, and Denim OR Drop Crotch Sweats

4) Adidas Superstar: $70 (Kids) || $80 (Women’s) || $80 (Men’s)

Favorite combo: Leather JacketElongated Shirt, and (Men’s) || (Women’s) Black Distressed Jeans

5) Converse Jack Purchell: $65 (Men/Women)

Favorite combo: Suit OR SweaterShirt, and (Men’s) || (Women’s) Trousers

P.S. Let me know your thoughts on tips and guides.

Happy Shopping!!!