Photo Credit : Debbie of DAG Images

Sweatshirt (JCrew) • Shirt (H&M) • Ultra Skinny Trousers (Topman) • Clubmaster Shades (Ray-Ban) • Watch (Toy Watch) • No-Shows (Taft) • Jack Purcell Sneakers (Converse)

“Because I’m HAPPY!!!!”

I’m a ball of joy these days. Not that I wasn’t before, but there’s something about the sun that changes everything. Maybe it’s becasue I’m a girl from Cali that wants nothing but Vitamin D 24/7 – who knows. What I do know is that I wish I could spend my entire day outside, running all over the city – exploring new places and new eateries.

I spent last weekend in Dumbo “Brooklyn”. What a beautiful area with so many different festivities going on during the during the day. More importantly, so many great places to eat on Old Fulton Street. I just love the fact that I can grab Fro-Yo from the truck stand and go lay out in the park. I mean come on, what better way to spend my day than under the sun with Fro-Yo while gazing at my favorite city a.k.a “My Island” – Manhattan.