Sneaker Boots


Leave it up to Creative Recreation to make a pair of sneaker boots. Two of my favorites all in one! From the moment I saw them I was sold.

The weather has been a little iffy lately so I layered up a bit more than usual. I haven’t worn a turtleneck since I was a kid, but as I was putting this outfit together a turtleneck randomly popped into my head. Strange, yes I know, but I think it worked out. The combo of a biker leather, oversized cardigan, and turtleneck gave just enough of an edgy feel to compliment the sneaker boots. Now all that was missing was a timepiece. Luckily, I had a watch from Thread Etiquette that I really couldn’t figure out what to pair with. But hey, I guess things fall into place as they should.

So what do you think about this look?


Biker Jacket ASOS | Similar here

Cardigan Zara

Turtleneck Uniqlo | Shop here

Jeans Topman | Shop here

Watch & Bracelet Thread Etiquette | Shop here

Socks Happy Socks | Shop here

Sneaker Boots Creative Recreation | Shop here