Road To Liberty Fairs

I remember saying that 2016 was going to be a banner year. We have to be able to speak our lives and futures into existence and command the universe to adjust to who we are suppose to become. So as I stated in late 2015 it truly feels as though so many blessings continue to fall into my lap.

Sara and I recently became the first ‘two’ women to be given creative control for the Liberty Fairs Las Vegas “The Studios” set.

Before arriving in Las Vegas we collaborated with Diesel who was also the lead sponsor for the trade show. Sara and I wanted to each create our own visual story for ‘The Road to Liberty Fairs.’ Who better than Diesel and their brand to help showcase the story. Diesel fits perfectly with our androgynous styles.

And so it began on August 11th when the rest of the team finally arrived in LA. Kim (@TheStreetSensei) and I bounced all over town. Starting at none other than the awesome In-Out-Burger where I filled up with fuel… Onward and up Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) stopping in Pacific Palisades and then down to Beverly Hills and why not even Downtown LosAngeles (DTLA). We literally went everywhere!

In order to make sure I had room for two burgers and fries I made sure to wear a very comfy pair of jeans with a little extra space. JoggJean was the easiest go-to and has quickly become a favorite. Their sweatpant material plus slouchy fit makes one feel so relaxed and comfortable. Ideally, a perfect jean to run around in.

Kim’s first day was all about exploring the scenery in and around Los Angeles. From palm trees and beautiful house to the waters of the pacific we soaked up hours and hours of sun and then settled into Beverly Hills for an evening of drinks by the pool.

Day Two brought another adventure because we had never been to the Disney Hall in DTLA. Their futuristic architecture was the perfect setting for this edgy look. An oversized men’s shirt that came off as elongated on me, biker jeans and buckled boots. The ambiance surrounding the Concert Hall was right! We had to shoot quick because the temperature start to rise quickly in the latter part of the morning. Next, I switched into my true Cali mode. I swapped out my black shirt for a black t-shirt removable sleeves, high socks, and Vans…What a refreshing feeling. And yet, before I knew it the day was gone, the sun was setting and it was time to prepare for the ride to Las Vegas.

We opted for a more scenic route by driving down south and through Palm Desert onward to Liberty Fairs…


Look One: JoggJeans (Diesel)

Looks Two: JoggJeans (Diesel)

Look Three: Shirt (Diesel) • Biker Jeans (Diesel) • Ankle Boots (Diesel)

Look Four: T-Shirt (Diesel)

Look Five: Leather Vest (Diesel) • T-Shirt (Diesel) • Skinny Jeans (Diesel) • Ankle Boots (Diesel)