Philly Museum of Art

Jacket (Belstaff) • Hoody (Zara) • Denim (Topman) • Shades (Ray Ban) • Bag (Herschel) • Boots (Blundstone)

“Adrian …. We did it!!!”

I finally made it to the Philadelphia Museum of Arts better yet known by most of us as the steps that Rocky Balboa ran up. I had no idea that the outside of the museum was so massive! Sadly, the museum itself was closed due to construction but I was happy to explore the grounds. For those that follow along on Snapchat (@Oh_ShesAGent) you were able to see my pictures with Rocky, the tour of the steps, the city, and the trail behind the museum leading to the Fairmont Water Works. It was all just so beautiful!!! Thank you to all of my Instagram Followers who shared places for me to visit. I cannot wait to return to ‘The City of Brotherly Love’.