Clothing Meets Art

In the last one and a half years, blogging has taught me more about myself and how men’s fashion and style of clothing has effected my life more than I could have ever imagined.

For a very long time, I’ve wanted to show my maturity and growth through my fashion sense.  When I first embarked on this evolution I was inspired by my fashionista mother, my favorite male connoisseur Scott Disick, and the year I spent in Germany. Since then I’ve used those inspirations to help me create my own signature style which revolves around a women in menswear: Thus was launched!

As of late, I have been customizing a lot of my clothing. Cutting up jeans is something that we all do, but I am currently cutting shirts, sweatshirts, and more in order to create an even more unique and edgy aesthetic that suits me. I  believe that this is another layer in the beauty of fashion. Fashion being another form of art, a way to create something unique, and tell your own story rather than follow the norm.

This H&M sweatshirt was originally a regular crew neck. I cut off the entire bottom seam leaving the back half longer than the front. Next I poured bleach over the words ‘Sun Francisco’ in order to make them POP! I accidentally dribbled a few drops below the words but liked the effect so much that I splashed and dabbled more. I cut off the elastic bands at the wrist for a looser fit which also gave me the ability to round roll the arms if I wanted to. I paired the sweatshirt with an elongated t-shirt, ripped black denim, and Chuck Taylor’s to help compliment the bleach splatters. A simple yet edgy black street look with a jazzy contrast.

Sweatshirt (H&M) • T-Shirt (H&M) • Jeans (Topman) • Watch (Arvo) • Sneakers (Converse)