Hello Winter

Topcoat (ASOS) • Blazer (H&M) • Shirt (H&M) • Denim (G-Star) • Tie (Uniqlo) • Boots (Grenson) • Scarf (H&M) • Belt (H&M) • Watch (Gents Timepiece)

As much as I want this winter weather to fly by, I can’t help but love how great layering is. Navy and burgundy mesh really well together and are perfect for the season. This navy overcoat has become one of my go-to jackets in the cold. The overcoat and infinity scarf were an easy transition into the colors of the blazer. Knit ties are also a favorite of mine so I went with this red tie to compliment the stripes of the blazer. To complete the look and keep it sporty, I threw on a pair of raw denims and my brogue boots.

Simplicity is key!