Bibble & Sip

Sorry to my coffee lovers, but I can’t do it. There is nothing about coffee that makes me want to drink it. Not sugar, cream, milk, nothing! I loveeeee matcha lattes. It doesn’t really matter, cold or hot, just add some almond milk and I am good to go.

Since Christmas I’ve been making matcha lattes at home, but every now and then when I’m working in a cafe I’ll treat myself to one. The only thing is there aren’t many coffee shops in Harlem that make them. And sadly, the closest cafe near me is Bibble & Sip located 51st street. It was also the first cafe that I discovered a year ago that specializes in matcha.

Bibble & SIp is most famous for their matcha cream puffs. Shockingly, I have yet to try one. I’m always putting myself on these low sugar and sweet diets and I always think these would be loaded with sugar!! I have got to get it together and cheat a little.

Their small and quiet cafe is a perfect place to work. It is mostly filled with Asian consumers and a sprinkle of European tourists who are usually in and out quickly. I like to sit at the table furthest from the door for two reasons: first, staring at the cream puffs, while I work, is my way of cheating and second, I like to people watch.

My fellow New Yorker matcha lovers if you’re looking for a place to get some work done while sipping on your favorite green drink then I highly suggest Bibble & Sip. It isn’t too trendy just yet so the foot traffic is manageable. Plus, I think the matcha cream puffs may be a huge bonus because they are the only matcha shop to sell them.

All you matcha lovers should head over to Bibble and Sip because you’ll get to sip on your favorite matcha creation and explore a bunch of matcha pastry options. I don’t know of many places with an array of matcha pastries options, but I’m determined to find out!