This Suit Didn’t Make Me

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to open up, but I guess the saying ‘all great things take time’ is true.

Let’s clear one thing up. This suit didn’t make me!

I am and will always be an athlete. Yes I’ve taken some time off from basketball, but what you don’t know is that 2 years ago I had the worst ankle injury of my career which gave me a different perspective on life. At that time I had been training to return overseas, but instead I started learning more about social media and blogging and well She’s A Gent became an idea.

Now back to what made me.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been playing basketball. I use to go everywhere with my ball. I even slept with it. There wasn’t anything else I wanted to be. If you would’ve asked me 10-15 years ago who I would be, I would’ve said the first woman to play in the NBA.

Being a student of the game helps you to mature and evolve so much differently than what we would call a “regular person”. Imagine 5am workouts, 2-a-day workouts, and constant drills, basketball rules plus guidelines, and everything else is enough to create a discipline that propel a person to be their absolute best! The sport of basketball and everyone one of my coaches did just that! I never settled… I was determined to be the best point guard (meaning best free throw shooter, best ball handler, best leader) mastering every duty of what is considered “the floor general”. Those qualities that you need to posses on the court are oftentimes carried over to who I’d be off the court.

If it wasn’t for basketball there may not be a ‘She’s A Gent’ and for that I’m forever grateful.

I am super excited to begin opening up as the person I am and not just a brand I’ve created.

I hope you all enjoy my new YouTube video below and my story to come.