The Road Ahead with Genesis

My Pastor always says “speak your dreams into existence and make the universe adjust to what it is you want.”

It’s always been my hope to work with a car company. Amazingly so, just a few weeks ago Genesis reached out to me.

If video were there to capture my reaction it would go something like this… “1) Genesis emailed me, 2) Heart eye emoji face…heart eye emoji face 3) Gave praise to My Lord always blessing (I walk by faith, not by sight).

Now let’s talk about my new partnership with the Luxe, Sleek, and Innovation car brand known as Genesis!

Hyuandi has launched its new luxury car brand and named it ‘Genesis.’ When they say luxury, they live up to it! The body is bold, the lines are sleek, the interior is to die for; one word that sums all of this up, Classy!

AND… If that’s not enough, the backseat might be the coolest place to be.

I was photographed and picked up in their new G90 series, which featured individual reclining backseats where you can relax and enjoy a smooth ride. My only problem is, I’d need my own driver to get around.

Genesis invited me to Los Angeles to attend the Power Out 50 Event in celebration of the LGBTQ+ communities most powerful activists, influencers, entertainers, and voices that are shaping today’s world. It was truly an honor, seeing as I have transitioned out of the world of blogging to pursue a merger of fashion and activism.

I saw some familiar faces, made some new friends, and had a great time chatting about their brand.

As of late,  it’s become extremely important for me to partner with brands and organizations that support both POC (people of color) and the LGBTQ+ communities. Genesis is that brand!

I can’t wait to share more of the adventure with you.

Now, let the Genesis journey begin…

Genesis Ambassadorship #Sponsored