Sharp & Dapper

Wearing : Sharp & Dapper (Knit Ties) || (Ribbed Socks

I’m sure by now that everyone can tell that Sara and I are one in the same. Sharp & Dapper, an English brand, loved the idea of a twin look between the two of us. Johan, the founder, asked us to pick out a couple of pieces and of course, what did we do – picked the same thing! Smh, we are pathetic haha. It’s quite funny. The cool thing about our collaborations are no matter if we wear the same exact pieces, like above, we always do it different. 

Sharp & Dapper offers some of my favorite menswear accessories: ties, braces (as the English call suspenders), socks, and more. But don’t take my word for it, just head over to Sharp & Dapper and check it out for yourself.

Happy shopping and stay dapper!