J Shoes

Jacket (JCrew) • T-Shirt (Uniqlo) • Chinos (Topman) • Shades (Ray-Ban) • Watch (Toy Watch) • Shoes (J Shoes) • No-show socks (Taft)

The cool thing about fashion and menswear is that it is not limited to one gender!

J Shoes created these gent inspired brogues for ladies, which is perfect for me. A silhouette that isn’t too feminine and still looks great with menswear. The ‘Charlie‘ brogue came with two pairs of laces – the pink laces that I am rocking and a grey pair. I decided to stick with the pink laces for a little pop. Plus, it was a nice compliment for the red chinos. I kept the look pretty laid back. A light cotton t-shirt so that I wouldn’t be too hot during the day and a jean jacket in case I got a little chilly in the evening. Nice and simple for the weekend.