Clark Kent

Who didn’t know or didn’t want to be Superman growing up? I know, I know as a woman I had the option of being Wonder Woman, but come on … Superman or Batman were always the superheros of choice.

Superman has been around for forever. For as long as I can remember, he was known as the nerdy journalist, Clark Kent, who transformed into Superman whenever a villain or danger appeared. The infamous Superman costume was worn under his suit given him easy access to change at any given time.

Clark Kent’s wardrobe consisted of a bland colored suit, red necktie, and black rimmered glasses. For generations, new Superman characters were created, but the wardrobe typically stayed the same. I decided to sharpen up the look a bit with a bold and powerful suit. A suit that projects confidence. Combatant Gentlemens Windowpane Slim Fit did just the trick. A navy blue suit with light blue windowpane pattern for instant impact. Now I am ready for action!

What/who are you going to be this Halloween?


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