Cargo Down

Sweatshirt (JCrew) • Oxford shirt (Ralph Lauren) • Cargo’s (Zara) • Belt (H&M) • Shades (Ray-Ban) • All-Stars (Converse) • No-show socks (Taft)

Who said that you have to wear a suit and tie to be dapper? Not I that’s for sure. As humans we naturally like to put a label on something, but dapper simply is about expressing style. One of my favorite designers, Ralph Lauren, said it best “fashion is about something that comes from within.”

Cargo’s are one of those stylish pieces that fit just about anyone’s style. I wear cargo’s multiple ways. With ties, blazers, brogues, but for this look I decided to once again show off my sporty side. Since the temperature is dropping quickly, I paired this heather sweatshirt with an oxford shirt to stay warm. I probably should have worn longer and thicker socks,  but I just love my no-shows by Taft. Plus, I love the look of my cuffed cargo’s against my Converse.

What do you guys think? Can simple be dapper?