Pitti Uomo 91

Pitti Immagine is a collection of fashion events. One of many favorites is Pitti Uomo. Pitti Uomo was established in 1972. It is the most influential and important international menswear event to date. Pitti is a four-day trade show held in Florence, Italy where retailers, buyers, and sellers can come together to view upcoming collections.

Pitti is also well known for “the wall”. The infamous wall that influencers, public figures, and all walks of life come to sit on. They connect and most importantly show of their best styles. BUT… the wall is also known for those who “peacock”. Peacocking is common phrase one uses when describing menswear fashionistas craving attention. Peacocking describes those individuals who sing, dance, and sit on the wall all day expecting photographers and people to take pictures of them. By the way, I was not trying to be a part of that group at all haha!!

However, I was pretty lucky on Day 1. I hung out in the center of Pitti Uomo where the infamous wall is, sat and had casual conversations. I made some new friends and met a few people who were familiar with my blog which is always a shock to me.

Overall, it was a blast!!! I hope to revisit in the summer for a few reasons. 1) I was on battling bronchitis and loaded up on antibiotics. 2) My asthma doesn’t like the cold. 3) I’m a summer baby and just flat out operate better in warmer weather.

Guess I should start planning for June now!