They say fashion is what you make it and for me it’s about being free! Fashion and Style, in many ways, have become a way for me to express myself without saying anything. At times I may want to be bold in a tailored suit and other times care free in a pair of ripped denim. Although I think you all have seen me act pretty silly in a suit as well… My point is, your personal style should be something you are proud of and excited to share with the world.

I have been wearing men’s clothing for years, but recently I have slowly started wearing more women’s pieces like this pair of denim. It can get tricky being a woman in menswear. Over the years I’ve found many brands that work best for me but at the same time the more I evolve and learn about the fashion world, the more I want to explore new brands. Let’s just say the struggle can get very real. I’ve been dabbling here and there with women’s streetwear such as elongated tops, denim, and jackets. The cool thing about androgynous style is that most people don’t even realize that I am wearing women’s pieces, not that it matters but it makes me feel as if more people are beginning to appreciate style rather than gender.


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