Equality Forward

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I was what you call a late bloomer. I didn’t fully grasp or realize that I was a lesbian until I was 20. It’s as if I was always going along with the social norms of a “man and woman”, when in reality I had encounter several situations of liking girls in my youth. The sad part is society doesn’t realize how hard it is to be “different.” In elementary school you are a normal kid making friends and looking forward to recess and nap time. In high school, you have to worry about the cool kids, the popular crowd, the jocks, physical appearance, etc. Adding sexuality to the list only makes things that much more complicated.

When I think about how far I come and how comfortable I am in my own skin it makes me ecstatic. I was even more excited when the Human Society Campaign gifted me with this shirt to help them move #EqualityForward. We have come a longgggg way. Gay marriage is legalized and people are starting to feel more comfortable expressing who they are. But this is only the beginning. We all need to continue to stand together and support one another. Gay, straight, or bisexual is just a label placed on us by society but it doesn’t stand for who you really are!

Never stop living, being who you are or being afraid of what people think about you!



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