Wear Pink

Blazer (Zara) • Shirt (Express) • Denim (Topman) • Oxfords (Cole Haan) • Tie (H&M) • Tie Bar (TheTieBar) • Shades (Ray-Ban)

Last month Dapper Chicks of New York wore pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Another way not only to connect us as women, but to continue to bring out community together.

As women we know that breast cancer is a possibility, but you never know how tough it will be until it affects someone close to you. My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2013. I can’t even put into words how sad, mad, hurt and heartbroken I was. Why did it have to be my mom?

But those emotions have now changed. She is continuing to recover, having both good and bad days, but always in great spirits. And as weird as it may sound, her illness has helped me. It allowed for me to grow up, overnight. My responsibilities shifted to her and my family. It has also allowed for us to build a stronger relationship. She knows that she is no longer the mother haha. She has to check in and answer to me lol, but I’m truly bless that she is continue to get strong everyday!

That is my story and I know that there are billions of other with one too. So #wearpink and continue to support all of the women going through this sickness.