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Fall fashion opens the door for every little detail. When winter arrives we will introduce scarves and hats, but before we have to cover up let’s jazz up our suits and blazers with lapels.

The button hole on a mans suit is often a lost element of the suits anatomy. On special occasions, such as weddings, you can spot a flower lapel pin decorating the garment. Recently, the lapel pin has become a flashy accessory to highlight the suit in a more casual setting. It is a stylish statement that brings life to an outfit.

This elegant touch is bound to enhance any gents suit or blazer. You can keep it simple with a basic color or livin’ it up with prints and patterns. Test the limits, but don’t go overboard. Not only can you wear a lapel pin, but there are also lapel buttons. Simply put, it has a button instead of a pin that connects to the button hole. Make sure the blazer has an open slot for the button. Lower priced blazers from shops such as H&M do not have an open slit.

Here are a few places you can look to purchase a lapel pin:

TheTieBarSuitedManChanmanshop, Harrison Blake Apparel