How To Wear Pinstripes

Hey all,

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about pairing pieces, so I thought why not just create a section based on those questions. I’m calling it, “How To”.  Over time I’ll include all sorts of topics, anything from how to wear sneakers, jeans, or a suit to style a look multiple ways or even how to mix and match prints and patterns. The topics are endless. The more you ask the more I will try to share and hopefully inspire.

I cannot get enough of this pinstripe suit. I’ve worn it a handful of times. It is just so versatile. Pinstripes can be difficult, but here are a few tips to help you style your look.

1) Pinstripe Suit : The suit is bold all by itself. Keep your shirt solid, but pair it with a patterned tie. Checks or Polka Dots are your best options.

2) Pinstripe Blazer : The blazer can be worn multiple ways. If it’s a black pinstripe blazer, I’d pair it with black, gray or even white pants. Jeans or pants are also great with the blazer.

3) Pinstripe Trouser : The bottoms are a bit easier to play with and can be more fun. It’s all about creativity. I kept it pretty simple above with a cable knit sweater and button up, but here are a few more options.  a) you can also wear it with a button up and leather jacket. b) you can do a button up and a tie.  c) you can do a t-shirt and a jacket.

Don’t think that it has to be dressed up because of the print. Play with ideas. Hey even switch out your brogues or dress shoes for slip on sneakers.

Be creative!




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