Cardigan (H&M) • Shirt (H&M) • Shorts (Zara) • Drivers (Gucci) • Watch (Movado) • Belt (H&M)

Floral pants and shorts are an item most people are drawn to, but often times are unsure of how to style them. There is no need to wear multiple prints with a print as bold and vibrant as florals. So keep the rest of the look plain and simple. If you want to be daring and wear to prints, make sure the contrasts compliment each other in tones and patterns.

Now we also have to be mindful of seasons. You don’t want to rock bright, tropical colors during a snow storm. But luckily, companies are opening the door to cross-seasonal trends. We are beginning to see dark, muted tones in the winter. You’ll start to spot brighter florals in stores around spring in preparation for summer collections.

This look may be too much for some, but don’t be afraid to experiment. The key is to start off simple and continue to raise the bar.